Salvation Army Mental Health Seminars - Nairobi, Kenya

Annually, the Darren Clark Jr Memorial embarks on a mission in Kenya, hosting impactful seminars for youth and adults to nurture empathy and understanding around mental health. In 2021, we organized a seminar for the Salvation Army Children’s Home in Nairobi providing clothes followed by a seminar on the importance of taking care of your mind. We have also created a closet space to house clothing donations. 

Salvation Army Mental Health Seminar - Mbale, Kenya

The Darren Clark Jr Memorial Foundation hosts an annual mental health seminar in partnership with the Salvation Army in Mbale. This seminar, a testament to our commitment to better mental health, focuses on addressing basic needs through clothing distribution, school supplies provision, and shoes for those in need. It serves as a platform for meaningful conversations about mental wellness while also offering nourishment and support, echoing our dedication to fostering mental well-being and making a positive impact.


Clothing Donations in Kenya and the DRC

We organized an impactful event, combining a clothing donation drive and mental health seminar. This effort brought warmth, hope, and support to DRC and Kenya communities, addressing both physical and emotional needs. The event symbolized unity, touching hearts as recipients received thoughtful gifts. The mental health seminar provided a nurturing space for sharing, emphasizing empathy and understanding. Our shared commitment to positive impact continues, inspiring a brighter, more caring world.

Nyumba Ya Tumaini Mental Health Day

We hosted a Mental Health Awareness Seminar at Kenya’s Nyumba ya Tumaini Boys Rescue Center. The event aimed to destigmatize mental health through workshops, discussions, and vital resources. The initiative left a positive imprint on emotional well-being, nurturing a sense of community among young residents.

DR Congo Children's Home Food Sustainability Project

We provided seedlings and farm implements to a children’s home in the DRC to help them grow their own food. From tilling the land to planting, weeding harvesting, storage and eating! It was a beautiful journey to support that we’re definitely participating in again!