Your bridge to education and resources on mental health

Darren Clark Jr. Memorial

Darren Clark Jr. Memorial was founded on April 5th, 2018 in memory of Darren Clark Jr., Darren passed away on January 7th, 2018, as a result of suicide due to mental illness. The mission of this foundation is to carry out the wishes of Darren to “help thousands of people” and provide resources to those in need and their families. We do this through our programs, events, and community outreach. Specifically, we are focused on tackling the youth mental crisis affecting our children. Our goal is to decrease the number of loved ones we lose to mental illness.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide education, resources and coping skills to those struggling with their mental health. This will be through programs that promote mental health awareness.



Provide scholarships to graduating high school students who are pursuing higher education in The Arts field.



Provide educational resources to families and friends of those suffering with mental illness.



Promote awareness of mental health to eliminate the stigma.

Our Team

Deirdre Asiema - Founder

Deirdre Allette Asiema

Mission: Provide Scholarships and education on Mental Illness Why this foundation: Losing my son to mental illness has been a crippling tragedy, through this experience I am inspired to educate family and friends of those suffering with mental illness. Passion: My passion is to decrease the number of loved ones we lose to this illness.

Ifota Kadimba

Mission: to help bring awareness to all Why this foundation: I’ve known Darren Clark Junior though his loving mom, Deidre Allette Asiema at a church in Whippany where they both worshipped. Darren’s love for the Word and for others is what made this special bond. Purpose: And for this reason, along with his mom, I want to continue to share awareness in his memory

Tana Dupree

Mission: To spread the awareness of mental health services and its availability/access to surrounding communities. Why this Foundation: Why "NOT" this Foundation? Should be the question! This organization has a plethora of Informative resources that would take most people a lifetime to search for. This Foundation has it readily available and are there to help. I am very proud to be a part of something so wonderful. Purpose: As a Mother to two children with mental health issues, becoming a part of this organization has essentially saved my children and my family. So, I will do anything to give back to families in similar situations. I want to let people know, there "IS" help and people who understand you!