Clothing Donations to Kenya and DRC

Part of what The Darren Clark Jr Memorial do is provide clothing to those in need. There are 2 projects we have been working on Congo (DRC) and Kenya. We understand that before we speak mental health some of their basic needs should be met first. Team members and supporter (we have great supporters) are shown here packing 2 barrels that were shipped to Congo (blue) and Kenya (brown).

DR Congo Children's Home Food Sustainability Project

We provided seedlings and farm implements to the children's home to help them grow their own food. From the tilling of the land to planting, weeding harvesting, storage and eating! It was a beautiful journey to support that we're definitely participating in again!

Democratic Republic of Congo Children Orphanage Home

A children’s orphanage that cares for 40 children in the DRC, We organized a mental health Webinar and provided snacks for the children.

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Salvation Army Children’s Home (Kenya) - Mental Health Awareness Seminar

Nyumba ya Tumaini Boys Rescue Center (Kenya) - Mental Health Awareness Seminar