About Darren


Darren Clark Jr., born on December 25, 1993 in Paterson, NJ. Even when still in the womb, Darren’s silly character already showed. He would stick one hand out and when I would push it back, Darren would stick it out further up or down. We would go back and forth until one of us got tired.

Throughout Darren’s school life, his friends could not help but to see how amazing a human being he is. He had an incredible heart, full of love, gentleness and kindness that always overflowed with whomever he interacted with.

There hasn’t been a person who met Darren and didn’t take to him. The magnetic aura he had, immediately had you care for his wellbeing. Aside from being kind and generous Darren was also quite a character. He always had a sense of humor that showed in the pictures he took. He was always smiling. “His smile is contagious” his friends would always say.

Even if there were people who wronged him, that never stopped him from giving them the shirt off his back. His heart was incredible, it had not room for malice. He always forgave.

Darren sometimes tended to be introverted. Would keep everything bottled in and never wanted to burden anyone with his problems or concerns. Always wanted to handle it on his own. And there sometimes is where his struggle lay.

Darren would instead express himself through his art. So, in 2017 he joined a program as a tattoo artist apprentice to fulfill his goal of being a tattoo artist. Whether it would be in his drawing, making T-shirts or hats, Darren’s incredible artistic talent always showed in his creations.

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