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360 Arts All Around is an Arts program created to teach the youth various forms of Art. The program is a partnership between the Darren Clark Jr foundation and the East Orange YMCA. This will be an opportunity for the youth to have a safe place to learn and express themselves through Art. For some, the expression may be coping skills of their mental health which is a backdrop of the program.

The duration of the 360 Arts All Around program will be 6 weeks where the participants will learn the fundamentals of specific arts and on the 7th week show off what they've learned in a talent show.

About the logo

The logo was inspired by Darren Clark Jr.

He and a few friends would stand around in a circle after school to just chat.  They called their group 360. Since then, Darren would frequently use 360 where he added All Around to it.

Anywhere we go there's some form of ART around us.

The colors turquoise and purple are the color for suicide prevention and green is for mental health and also the color of the organization. The program is dedicated to his memory.

Please email info@darrenmemorial.org to register for the program.

360 Arts Youth Program Flyer